Ta daaaaa!!!

Announcing the winner of the 2022
K9 Gold Award.... (pause for effect)....
Come on down Teddy!

The FIND Judges comments:

TEDDY is not only an office dog. He is a Brand and a Business in his own right. He is the CEO of Ted's Space. He works full-time as a therapy dog giving his (patent pending) "Warm-Fluffy-Hugs" and getting paid in tickles and more love....

 Elizabeth McKee - his human and co-founder of Teds Space told us

"Teddy is a pet therapy dog who works at schools in Upper Hutt and Porirua, supporting our young learners to build skills through a range of activities that bring Humans and Animals to walk side-by-side - we use trick training to build resilience, dog education, sensory awareness and key skills of courage, compassion and consent.

Teddy LOVES working with our students and he is clearly loved by them too! Teddy's main job is providing much needed cuddles and support where ever it is needed!

We have also included some awesome writing (below) from students at Papakowhai School in Porirua where Teddy began working about 5 weeks ago.

They have been learning about Teddy and the work he does, how to engage with dogs and what type of work Teddy can do with them at school - we've had a great time getting to know them and look forward to working more with them all.

Here are samples of TEDDY WRITING by his clients at Papakowhai School...

Teddy is a nine year old blond spoodle and a therapy dog who helps all types of people.

Teddy visits Hospitals,Schools and Rest Homes and can help people when they are low with his warm fluffy hugs.

Teddy is also a living thing and has feelings so you need to treat him well

Here is how you can treat teddy:

  1. When Teddy enters a room, stay quiet and still and wait till he

comes to you.

  1. If you see Teddy (or any dog) and you want to pet him, ask the owner and then ask teddy because he might not want to be pet and he needs breaks too and always ask where to pet the dog and remember No means No.
  2. If Teddy is wearing his fluro jacket it means he is working and can't be a pet or he is just taking a break.
  3. Two ways to tell if Teddy is happy or not is the way his tail moves. If his tail is loose and sways around he is happy and if his tail is stiff and hard he is overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Or if you see the white in his eyes he isn't so happy and needs a break.

Teddy is a very interesting dog and there is so much to learn about him.

Here are 5 fun facts about Teddy:

  1. Teddy used to live with a bunny!
  2. Teddy is going to live longer because he is smaller!
  3. Teddy can do cool tricks like jumping through hoops,ringing bells,paw,roll over and even more!
  4. Teddys coat is more like a wool material then fur which means 2 things: he is hypoallergenic and when he gets wet he smells like wet sheep!

Teddy is such a nice dog and I can't wait to see him again!

So BIG Congratulations Teddy McKee - a very deserving K9 Gold Winner who will enter the K9 Gold Hall of Fame (coming soon)

Kia Kaha Teddy.