What is Ted's Space?

In a Society of perfectionist, permission askers, non risk-takers, Ted’s Space is an experiential space to build interoceptive awareness, confidence and courage. The building blocks of animal trick training, problem solving and communication empowers students to build strong transferable physical and mental strategies to support them in the classroom, home and community environment.

Ted’s Space is a dynamic bespoke emotional support programme that meets the individual needs of the child.  Initially established to work with neuro diverse children it has become apparent that ALL tamariki flourish through this learning and it empowers them to take risks, make mistakes and be able to openly evaluate the outcomes. We encourage our tamariki to take a step back, it’s ok to start again - review what went wrong, laugh at our errors and think about what changes we could make going forward.

Facts or Feelings. Ted’s Space creates opportunities to feel feelings and unpack the facts around them.  Understanding the difference through communication, discussion and observation supports well-being and interoceptive awareness. Listening or talking. Teddy can’t talk but we build an understanding of his needs - how can we transfer this skill into the classroom, what do I need to observe, what do I need to exclude, what communication can I observe in others, how are my feelings impacting my observations of the facts.

Ted’s Space supports building self awareness, identifying feelings, observing individual and personal responses, and creating opportunities to build individual skills within a zone of proximal development (Vygostky)

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  • Dressing up for the SPCA

    It was animal dress up day at school today....So this did mean to dress up the animals right?Ted was very gracious and was an awesome bee for the day bringing tonnes of giggles and squeals to his small human friends.

  • Always a listening ear

    Here's a step back in time to where it all began, with a wonderful young man who Teddy simply adored! These two read piles of books together, Ted listened to stories written about him, offered a soft fluffy ear to listen with and a place just to be and recharge for the day ahead.

  • Even Ted needs to recharge

    Teddy and Elizabeth always try to sneak a few minutes at the beach before their dog training class....super windy but Ted enjoys just zooming around the beach and just being a dog!

How you can help Ted's Space?

Our dream is to see Ted's Space accessible to all kiwi kids, whether in person or online with a range of interactive resources. To do this we are working hard as a team to secure larger funding for the long term growth of the programme.

We are so lucky to have sponsors coming on board to share their skills and also provide us with amazing products to sell to raise money ourselves.

We are excited to launch a range of products from Clarity Co and Wonky Stitches to get the funds coming in and provide you with some amazing gifts and keepsakes.

$$ donated from each product is on the listing and all funds are deposited directly into the Ted's Space bank account.

Postage is available but we can also arrange local delivery.

Feel free to get in touch with us at tedsspacenz@gmail.com should you like your business to be a part of our range of retail items or you would like to contribute.

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  • Bunny started Clarity Co. at the beginning of 2020 from a gorgeous dedicated space in her home. Bunny is also a very talented portrait photographer and mum of 3 boys.

    Crystals, gift sets and beautiful books are just a few of the wonderful items stocked by Clarity Co.

    Stunningly packed orders, sent out to you with loads of loving energy and positive vibes.

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